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This is a list of the downloadable files and utilities I have on my site.

Windows 95 driver for USB flash drives

ThrobOff - Hide the Windows / IE "throbber"

Flash 7/Youtube and SeaMonkey 1.1.19 Browsing fixes for NT 3.51, 95, and NT 4 - Now with "SeaMonkey95" and new Youtube CSS workarounds

BSOD Properties - Change the color of the Windows 9x Blue Screen of Death

Sans Surfh font hack - Put MS Sans Serif back in to your menus

Win95 Comctl fix - Fix for MSIE 5's sabotage of Windows 95

NFORMAT! Floppy Disk Formatter

NMAP Wolf3D Map Editor

My Doom Levels

Old 98Lite version 2.06

Spear of Bullshit - Spear of Destiny / Wolf3D hackup

Sim City Urban Renewal Kit VESA fix.

Chips & Dips (Vintage Slashdot) from Archive.org.

VIA 6421 SATA drivers and BIOS Updates, Misc Win95 files

32-Bit setup Files

Pathworks Mosaic

Ancient ROMs

VisiCorp Software Archive

Altos 8600 Disk images

My Apple II disks

CREI 680 Schematics

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