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On December 10, 1993 ID software released the hit video game DOOM... and I never stopped playing!

Over the years I have created a number of custom levels and add-ons, so here they are! 

Go ahead - pick up some ammo and join the party! I know you want to.

Doom Guys Vacation pictures
Went to hell, took pictures, posted them here. 
Doom Alphas
Screen shots from very early versions of Doom
Firefox Party

Firefox party in a wad! With updated nuguns!

Designed for Skulltag with nugunsc.pk3

 More Info: ffpty36.txt
 Screen Shots

You are a Martian terraformer stuck in a small station in the middle of nowhere. 

Since the beginning of the terraforming project, the United Organizations of Earth have been threatening to take over. Recent events have prompted an invasion from Earth, only something went wrong with their new "space-warp" capable ships... that were built by some company with the initials "MS". 

Wow, I finally updated Marswar and fixed a bunch of bugs! Get version 3.01 now!


 marsw301.zip (4,307K) 

 More info:  marsw301.txt

Preview screen shots

 Old version: 
 marswar.zip (2,081K) 


A compilation of popular Doom 1 WAD files I put together. Includes new music and sky graphics. 

REQUIRES DOOM 1 V1.9 (or Ultimate DOOM)

 megawad.zip  (1,471K)

Small HEXEN level. Done mainly just to see what I could do with Hexen. 


 ice.zip (25K) 

 More info:  ice.txt

Dead Silly

A Skulltag Zdoom-format dethmatch level. Done mainly just to see what I could do with Zdoom style features and scripting. 

 More Info: deadsly.txt
Ranma 1/2 Skins

Just something I threw together as a joke, this contains skins for characters from the classic anime Ranma 1/2.

 More Info: ranmask.txt
 Screen Shots


A "port" of the Skulltag deathmatch levels to jDoom. 

REQUIRES jDoom 1.8+

 skullday.zip (1.4 megs)
 More info
 Screen Shots
MarsWar Mods

Origional MOD/MIDI Music files for Marswar.

 marsmods.zip (1.6 megs)
Alpha DM

Doom Alpha levels modified for Doom II Deathmatch 

 Alphadm.zip (598k)
 More Info: Alphadm.txt
Works In Progress

Some incomplete levels I have been working on over the years. 

 More Info: Drmdoom.txt

If you like these levels you might also want to check out  my old Spear of Destiny shareware demo hackup.

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