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Digital's Pathworks Mosaic web browser is an old favorite of mine. It came bundled with the PATHWORKS networking client for DOS/Windows 3.1. It was fairly obscure back in the day. 1.0 was a heavily modified version of the Mosaic browser, and version 2 was just a slightly rebranded later version of Mosaic.

It is a 32-bit application that will run under Windows 3.1 with Win32s installed, any later version of Windows, Wine, or ReactOS.

Today, pretty much the only site it can load is the resurrected http://home.mcom.com/ due to newer default text encoding used on modern web servers.

PATHWORKS Mosaic 1.0 zip file pwmosaic.zip
PATHWORKS Mosaic 1.0 installer (Tries to install Win32s even on Windows 9x - suggest using the zip instead) pwmosaicinst1.zip
PATHWORKS Mosaic 2.0 installer pwmosaicinst2.zip

That reminds me, back in the day Digital ran the #1 search engine: altavista.digital.com! And for a time AltaVista specifically recognized Pathworks Mosaic 1.0 and served up a simplified page when visited with it.

For some dumb reason all of the Digital/DEC pages have been removed from the Internet Archive. It is almost as if Digital never existed.

They also had their own CPU (The DEC Alpha), their own line of PCs (The DECPc), their own Networking software (PATHWORKS/DECnet), and their own OSes (VMS/Ultrix/Digital True64 Unix).

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