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This is an archive of the VisiCorp Visi series products and manuals for the IBM PC. For Visi On, see my GUIs page.

VisiCalc 1.1.zip
VisiCalc 1.1.pdf

VisiSchedule 1.2.zip
VisiSchedule 1.2.pdf

VisiTrend 1.3.zip

VisiTutor for VisiWord.zip
VisiTutor for VisiWord.pdf

VisiSpell 1.00.zip
VisiSpell 1.00 DS.zip (Double Sided 320k version)
VisiSpell Manual.pdf
VisiSpell QuickStart.pdf
VisiSpell Setup Guide.pdf

VisiWord 1.00.zip
VisiWord QuickStart.pdf
VisiSeries On EtherSeries.pdf

And until I find a better place to put them:

My all time favorite manual, The B215 8-bit ISA high density floppy controller. A perfect example of how NOT to write a manual.

Not that anyone ever read it, but here is the Windows 95 manual. It is interesting to note that it does not mention Internet Explorer, and how they promote their MSN service over anything to do with the Internet.
Windows 95 Manual.pdf

Also, my Headland Technologies Video 7 VGA 1024i manual.
And my Kaypro 2000 Users Guide
New: Magitonic B233 "Super 286" Manual

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