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About Me:
Licensed to Bill
Nooooooooo! It's my worst nightmare! No, wait my WORST nightmare is being an "integrated" part of IE 4!


Hello, I am Nathan Lineback. I am a Programmer / Tech suport / Computer repair person / general computer guy. I am interested in the history and future of GUI desktops and enjoy promoting Firefox and other open technologies.

My opinions about stuff
I have a lot of opinions about stuff. So here they are.

My Computers
Sure, I have got to brag about my computers.

My Stuff
Some of my stuff I scanned in.

My TI-99/4A Screen Shots
I made a bunch of purdy graphics on my TI a looooong time ago and I don't feel like letting them rot so here they are.

My Apple II screen shots
Some old screen shots of some double-high res screen Apple II graphics.

The WinWorldPC.com Online Software Museum
I'm a big fan of the WinWorld Museum, it has many historic vintage software products that you can try out for yourself.
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