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Welcome to my GUI Gallery

On these pages you will find many screen shots of various desktop computer Graphical User Interfaces and operating systems. Many different people have had different ideas of how a GUI should work and these screen shots show many of the more popular ones.

Why, oh why does everything take so long to get done? Finally a few new additions, however I do not feel there is an incredible amount to add. "Modern" interfaces, that we are just supposed to put up with, are such a cesspool of abusive mis-features, they all deserve to disappear from history - with fire.

New: Xerox Cedar "Viewers Window Package" - Another research GUI from Xerox Parc that looks suspiciously like Microsoft Windows 1.0.

New: IBM Common User Access Samples 1987 - A set of user interface sample from an IBM programming floppy.

New: Abusive Appliance Interfaces - A rant about the abusive mis-features of some newer appliances.

If you find anything on this site that doesn't work right, or if you have any suggestions please e-mail me! (If you do, please be absolutely sure to put something meaningful in the subject line, and use plain text, otherwise it will get deleted as spam)

And be sure to check out my favorite GUI VisiCorpVisi On now with a downloadable hard drive image that you can run under MESS 0.101 or later. Back in in 1983 there was a GUI platform and office package for IBM PCs called Visi On from VisiCorp. Legend has it Bill Gates saw a demo of this running at the 1982 comdex running on an IBM PC. He freaked out because Microsoft didn't have anything like this yet, ran back to Microsoft Headquarters, and had them start work on what, several years later, became Windows.

And if you haven't already, don't forget to laugh really hard at Microsoft BOB! And the new Microsoft Bob: Windows 8! (Or cry, if you are forced to use it)