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Chips & Dips
Chips n Dips News for Nerds on the stuff worth caring about.

Before there was Slashdot, there was "Chips & Dips". This was a news section on Rob Malda's personal web site and was formerly located at http://www.cs.hope.edu/~malda/cnd/.

Back in 2001 I pulled an archive of the page up from Archve.org as well as one of early Slashdot. Since then, the Chips & Dips page has mysteriously disappeared from Archive.org and the early archived Slashdot pages are cut off.

This zip file contains the files I downloaded from Archive.org as well as a partial reconstruction of the page for easier viewing. The reconstruction removes the scripts added by Archive.org and includes the images.

You can also view my reconstructed version here

Note that the date at the bottom of the page is generated by a script and therefore shows the date I uploaded the file instead of "Thursday, July 31, 1997" when it was archived by Archive.org.

The Chips & Dips logo was not archived by Archive.org.

Download the files I obtained from Archive.org. chipsndips.zip

Reader Richard Birch points out that Rob Malda posted a screen shot of Chips & Dips on his Google + page. This version also includes the Chips & Dips logo.

Local copy: chipsndipswithlogo.jpg

And since no place else seems to have a full archive of it, here is my archived copy of the Slashdot April 1st OMG Ponies page:

Download Slashdot's OMG Ponies omgponies.zip

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