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Doom alphas
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I don't know why, but I am fascinated by the early versions of DOOM. It's interesting to see some of the things they started to put in there, but did not make it in to the final version.

Originally I had seen the 5-22 alpha and a pile of early screen shots that had been uploaded to the BBS that my brother was running at the time. Recently I got a bit nostalgic and decided to search the internet and I discovered that several other early versions were floating around the internet. Apparently id Software gave permission for these to be placed publicly on the internet because of historical interest (thanks id!), so they are legal.

Early screen shots released by ID:

Doom alpha screen shots set 1 (very early!) - 9 pictures
 Doom alpha screen shots set 2 - 11 pictures
 Doom alpha screen shots set 3 - 10 pictures

My reviews and screen shots of early versions:

Doom Technology Preview Download (note: doesn't seem to work quite right under Win 9x, exit to DOS to run this)
Doom 0.3 Alpha Download
Doom 4-2 Alpha Download
Doom 5-22 Alpha Download
Press Release Demo Download
The original Doom 0.99 Download (Doesn't run under Windows, exit to DOS to run this)
Other interesting stuff  

Download other early Doom stuff here: 
 Index of /pub/idgames/historic

Other sites:
 Screenshots from the Doom alpha and beta versions
 5 Years of Doom - The Doom Bible

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