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Other Interesting Doom Stuff

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As I recall, I found this image with some OS/2 stuff. (click for large version) Look familiar? If you are scratching your head wondering where you have seen this before, look at the image below.

According to Wikipedia, the location is Yangshuo Cavern in China. Additionally, the specific image is credited to Tom Atwood, published on Aris Software's Media Clips CD-ROM.

Sky Texture
Yep, those mountains in the center were used in the sky texture for episode one of Doom.

This is not exactly doom related, but still interesting. This is from a preview section in Commander Keen 1 (dated 1/23/90):
Quake reference in Keen 1
Quake Reference in Keen 1
Quake - SCROLLING??! Yikes! I wonder if they actually did any work on a 2-d version of Quake. Some of this kind of stuff was also supposed to go in to Doom, but never made it.

Also kind of related to Quake, during the development of the Quake graphics engine they needed to get some quick levels so they converted some from Doom and released some test screen shots.
Quakified E1M5!

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