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Doom Technology Demo

The Doom "Evil Unleashed" Technology demonstration was released in early February 1993. At this point, only 2 months of work had been done on it!

This demonstration contains a single small map, shown here. (Plotted with an old unfinished map displaying program I wrote).  I can't help but wonder if this simple level evolved in to one of the later levels.

Interestingly the level is completely flat. It does not demonstrate sectors of different height (which lets you have stairs and ledges and such), if indeed that ability is even in there yet.  The first thing you may notice after moving around for a few seconds is that it has a very high frame rate.

The demo shows three kinds of "opponents". The imp, the demon, and the baron of hell. They just kind of walk in place and you can't shoot them or anything.

The demo lets you change a few things using the keyboard. The 3 and 4 keys change the wall texture, the 5 and 6 keys change the ceiling texture, the 7 and 8 keys change the floor texture, and the 9 and 0 keys change the light level. Firing the gun will cause a flash in a dark room.

I don't know what this is all about, but the phrases "Tom is king" and "Jules sucks" appear on textures in this demo.

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