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Doom 5-22 Alpha

Interesting things about this alpha:

Monsters: Keyboard controls:
"1" through "9", "+" and "-" at menu screen - select level
ALT - Activate/Open Doors /strafe
CTRL - Fire weapon
Shift - Run
Number keys - select weapon.
"A" - Automap
"[" and "]" - resize screen
"Q", "W", and "E"- select resolution: High res, low res, and really low res
"M" - Changes view to floor level.

My comments about the levels:

E1M1 - this level didn't make it in to the final version. It looks like it was just a quick level that was designed to demonstrate some of the features that were making their way in to Doom. It has keycards, lighting effects, a toxic waste pool that will cause damage and even kill the player, switches, various items that can be picked up, and even hints at the use of outside areas (although there is no sky texture yet).
Discarded E1M1 Map
Discarded E1M1 Pic

E1M2 - becomes E2M2 (Containment Area) - Most of it is there, but it is kind of buggy. Like most of the levels here, it gets redecorated with better textures before the final version.

E1M3 - becomes E2M3 (Refinery) - Level structure is mostly there.

E1M4 - becomes E1M7 (Computer Station) - After the beginning area, it is mostly just a rough layout of the map. Not much has changed here since the last alpha.

E1M5 - becomes E3M3 (Pandemonium) - level structure is mostly there.

E1M6 - becomes Map 10 (Refueling Base) of Doom II. They must have thought that this level was not good enough for the first Doom, but not bad enough to toss. They filled it to the rim with monsters and put it in Doom II.
Early Map 10
Early Map 10 pic 2

E1M7 - Becomes E1M4 (Command Control) - No more locker rooms. Again, it looks close to the final version. There are rising platforms where the stairs to the upper area are later, and of course the final version has different wall textures.

E1M8 - becomes E1M2 (Nuclear Plant) in the final version. Very rough layout. Not much has changed here since the last alpha, except the Chainsaw has been moved here.

E1M9 - Becomes E1M6 (Central Processing) - Most of the bits of the level are there, but they are spread out around a large octagon shaped structure which was mostly eliminated in the final version. See the description of the previous alpha  (It's E1M5 there) for screen shots, not much has changed on this one either.
E1M10 - Becomes E1M3 (Toxin Refinery) . About half of the level is here. The exit is hard to get to, and becomes a secret exit in the final version. There are several places that you can get stuck here because jumping from ledges has not been implemented yet.
E1M11 - E1M1 - becomes E2M7 (Spawning Vats). Making the same progress as the other levels. I  noticed that there is a large control console in one of the rooms. A similar console is in one of the very early screen shots, I couldn't find it in alpha 4, but then it shows up in this alpha, and disappears again in the final version.
Control Console

E1M12 - Becomes E1M8 (Phobos Anomaly) - Mostly just a rough layout. There is a large cavern that surrounds the structure, and the boss room is just an abstract blob, not the star.

E1M13 - Becomes E2M4 (Demios Lab) - Structurally complete, but there are several places that can crash the game. Just my opinion, there is something about this level, even in the final version, that gives it kind of an "arcade game" feel.
E2M1 - Becomes E3M7 (Limbo) - You can't actually select this level in the game. Even if you forced it, it wouldn't work because some of the textures are missing from this alpha. Interestingly, enough of the textures were in the 4-2 alpha to view it, so I hacked the level in there and got a couple of screen shots. I know, the picture of the map looks like it is flipping someone off. :)

Just a guess, this may have been their original "entrance to hell".

E2M1 Map
E2M1 pic 1
E2M1 pic 2

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