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Doom Press Release Demo

This version is not a full version of doom, it only has 3 levels that were picked from the full version. It also refuses to run after a certain date, but the archive here includes a utility to get around that.

TST - God Mode
AMO - Gives full ammo
NOC - No Clipping


The levels it includes are:
E1M2 - (Becomes Nuclear Plant)
E2M2 - (Becomes Containment Area)
E3M5 - (Becomes Unholy Cathedral)

Interesting things about this demo:

The BFG and Plasma gun fire differently. The Plasma gun emits green and red projectiles, while the BFG is more like a super-fast plasma gun that spits tons of small projectiles.
Different BFG
Plasma gun

This demo still has some of the bonus items from the earlier alphas, and a few new unusual items.

The three levels which are included are mostly done. There are still a few places that change in the final versions, such as this winding green slime-filled corridor on E1M2 is replaced with a nice walkway over the slime.

Another interesting thing to note from this screen shot is that IT KEEPS SCORE!

Zombiman - 200 points
Imp - 600 points
Demon - 1500 points
Cacodemon - 4000 points
Baron of hell - 10000 points
Lost Soul - 1000 points

The monsters are a bit different. The barons of hell fire a different kind of projectile and the Lost souls look much different.

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