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Location: GUIs > Windows > Windows Vista (NT 6.0)

This dialog shows a fairly new user interface "feature" that popped up in a few places. It seems that now some dialog boxes with more than a few options may give you a list of different options and each item in the list will act as a button even though it looks nothing like a button. And most of the ones, like this one, that I saw were littered with extraneous descriptions making the dialogs hard to read.

As with every Windows version the changes to the Explorer are also in the common dialogs such as the "Save As".

Also the help system has been changed around some. This bit is just wrong. It says it is trying to connect me to a web site, but it hasn't even opened my default web browser, Firefox. (the only one configured for web access on this machine). I guess I was hoping for too much.

Oh, and it would not let me get a screen shot of it, but installing programs or doing many other things brings up a new dialog that basically asks for administrative permissions because the default user account is "limited".

Once again it is possible to disable most of that new junk. With all that turned off you would hardly know you weren't just using Windows XP or 2000.

Finally shutting down. Apparently Bill doesn't want me to do that. The only options it gave me on the default start menu were suspend to ram and lock the computer. Instead I had to select from a sub menu that has Switch User, Log Off, Lock, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, Shut Down, Throw Laptop Against Wall, etc..

Black Screen Of Death
Ah, right. A screen shot of Bill shutting YOU down!