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Screen Savers
Of course, what would a modern GUI be without screen savers. I'm a little disappointed, only a few simple ones are included, by default.

Add Remove programs
With Add/Remove Software you can load thousands of extra programs of all kinds from Red Hat. And the package updater will keep them all up to date (not that I understand what all the stuff it is trying to keep up to date is).

These are some of the games that come bundled with Fedora 7. Nothing terribly special I'm afraid.

What ever you do, don't just open and then exit chess. It will log you out! (Yea, sure, bugs, whatever, but how does it manage to do THAT?)

Internet Apps
It comes with a good set of internet apps.

  • Everyone's favorite browser: Firefox!
  • A tool to place phone calls over the internet
  • An instant messenger app
  • And a handy dandy bittorent client.

Nice screenshot
And some miscellaneous utilities that looks really cool and make a good screen shot.

Screen shot go boom
Switching gears a little, let's actually try and DO some common tasks using Fedora 7. Sadly, while Fedora seems quite polished on the surface it is lacking in many key elements.

Right off the top I encountered this problem with the screen shot utility.

It doesn't let me browse a list of files, so when I specify a file name it could easily be one that already exists. If it does, it helpfully displays a warning message asking me if I want to replace the existing file or "cancel". What I would LIKE to do is go back and try a different file name, so I hit "Cancel"... which closes the entire screen shot utility and I lose my screen shot.

And it was a really good screen shot too... that was a... bummer.

No plugins for firefox
Just trying to browse the web, Firefox is missing common plug-ins needed to work with many web pages such as Flash and Java.