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When Firefox 2.0 was released, I figured what better way to celebrate than blowing each other up? To that end, I created this Doom deathmatch level.

Update: and it has been updated for Firefox 3!


The weapon layout is optimized for use with  nugunsb3.wad on Skulltag. I like that flame thrower!

The grenade launcher is Skulltag specific. I threw that in at the last minute to balance things out because I had laid out rocket ammo and then realized none of the nugunsb3 weapons used rocket ammo. Most ports of Doom should simply ignore this object when they load this level.

When running a deathmatch server, be sure to turn on your "die on attempt to exit level" feature. This ensures that players that get too close to the logo of the other browser will turn to instant gibbage.

Firefox 3 party in a wad!

Designed for Skulltag with nuguns

 More Info: ffpty36.txt
 Screen Shots
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