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The Revolvy.com Website:

Revolvy is a spam site that rips off content from other sites, puts it in the blender, and presses the "mix" button. It has no actual original content of its own. It gets approximately 4M suckers monthly, according to a payed-off statistics site, which gave it a "scrumptious" traffic rank. Moreover, Revolvy has yet to grow their payola reach, as it's relatively low at the moment. Once they have their own bought and paid senators in office, newscasts will babble their name right next to Twatter and FaceFook as dollar bills come flying down. And don't forget to download our free weather app/malware. Every time you search for anything the first dozen spammy useless links include links to Revolvy. With a few thrown in to Driverguide for good measure.

Revolvy can be best described as a crap filled toilet that has been backed up and overflowing for years, yet nobody wants to do anything about it.

An image of Revolvy.com's web site.

Searching for information about revolvy returns dozens of fake "Is this a scam?" web sites. Is Revolvy a scam or legit? Who cares? Well, besides advertisement spam farms that get hits from people searching for it. It is garbage that needs to be launched in to the sun.

Spamulant advertisement: Compare prices on handguns now, with self head-peircing rounds because this BS isn't getting any better! 

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Update: That awful Revolvy web site finally died. Of course, there are plenty more to take its place.

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