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This COVID-19 test requires a... cell phone?!

That's right, apparently a powerful, full featured, desktop computer is not good enough for this stupid little gadget. Apparently It MUST use a toy "smart" phone.

Ellume has created an electronic home covid-19 test kit. The kit includes an analyzer and something to collect the sample. Their marketing pictures show it happily sending data to a smart phone. Nothing inherently wrong with that, but their documentation clearly states that one can not use a regular computer for this purpose.

What does it even need a separate device for anyway? It obviously has some electronic microcontroller and analyzer in it. Why can't a light just turn green if your are negative, red if you are positive, or burn-out-your-retnia blue if you are a consumertard? Is that just too simple for people?

Sigh. Of course the "app" collects data and sends it back to the mothership. If that involved a proper desktop application, this activity would probably get caught up in virus scanners. :P

I'm just guessing this was probably originally something Trump wanted. He probably requested something he could use while playing with his tweeter.

There was once a day when Microsoft would have crapped themselves if some major application was not available on Microsoft Windows, followed by immediate assimilation. And in the end it would have required Microsoft Internet Explorer too, for no particular reason.

There also used to be a day when Linux enthusiast would have pulled it apart trying to make it work with Linux, or even re-wire it to do something totally different.

One of these days eating and breathing will require a smart phone. Do ventilators require a smart phone? I already get some confused responses when I tell people they have to call or e-mail me instead of "texting". Annoyingly, people are still so insanely in love with their cell phones they don't even see the problem.

So, if you are not one of the billions of consumertards out there, then you can just go die of Covid. The rest of you can stick it up your nose and insist that everyone be just like you.

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