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Nathan's Toasty Technology page
Current features:   
The Graphical User Interface Gallery
Explore the history and evolution of the Graphical User Interface in my GUI Gallery. 

Internet Explorer is EVIL!
Relive the controversy and the humor surrounding the introduction of Microsoft Internet Explorer and the extreme, sometimes illegal, steps Microsoft took to try to make everyone use it. 

Mozilla Kicks Ass!
Mozilla is a killer web browser that evolved from the original Netscape web browser. It is alive and kicking and ready to kick IE's ass! 

Files and Downloads
A USB flash drive driver for Windows 95 OSR2, change the color of the Windows 9x BSOD, turn off the 98/XP "throbber", and more on my files page.

My DOOM Stuff
Some of my old screen shots and levels for the classic hit video game DOOM 

About Nathan 
Want to know a little about me? Well, too bad. Here it is. 

Links to sites that I think are cool. 


E-mail: lineback@toastytech.com