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WinMate Psersonal Info
You create and configure WinMate users with the Profiler.

One thing that strikes me as odd is that it has multiple "Information Areas" that ask for and store LOTS of personal information. The "Personal Data" one at the top even asks for your social security number!!!! This screen shot only shows one of the "Information Areas".

It doesn't say, but presumably this information is used by other WinMate applications.

WinMate Face Maker
An interesting small feature of the profiler is that it provides a quick and easy way to make a wide variety of faces for your user picture.

Six buttons let you quickly cycle through a number of Hair, Eye, Nose, Mouth, Hair Color, and Skin Color options to create a composite face.

WinMate HangMan
WinMate bundles a number of applications. Some of the applications, such as this hangman program, may be familiar to DeskMate users.

The bundled WinMate applications are separate programs from the WinMate desktop, and can run individually from the Program Manager, but they use similar interface bits such as the Task and Navigation bars..

Most of the applications include useless sounds and animation. This is because "multimedia" was still new, so they felt the need to use such things at all cost.

WinMate Greeting Cards
The included WinMate applications are:

  • Banners
  • Greeting Cards
  • Calendar
  • Diary
  • Graphics Manager
  • Hangman
  • MathDrill (game)
  • Works Templates
  • Message Center
  • Nametags
  • Notices
  • 800# Phone Book
  • User Profiler
  • Puzzler (game)
  • Phone Center
  • Travel
  • Type Defense (game).
The above screen shot shows the Greeting Card application.

This application has a "speak" task that speaks the text in the selected text box using a text-to-speach feature. (Because... Multimedia!)  The text-to-speech feature is used in a number of the other applications as well.

WinMate Calendar
This is the calendar application. Not much to see here, but at least it doesn't require an internet service account to use!

WinMate Travel Manager
The Travel Manager makes use of the information from the Microsoft Bookshelf CD-ROM.

I don't think I have seen any other system besides Windows 8 that prominently tries to hock a travel program to the user.

WinMate Phone Center
An interesting feature of WinMate is the Phone Center.

You can plug in a phone line to a Tandy Sensation and it can record messages for different WinMate users. It can apparently also provide information over the telephone via text-to-speach and a touch-tone menu.

WinMate AOL
The Tandy Sensation bundles a number of non-WinMate programs such as Microsoft Works and Microsoft Money. It also includes online services such as America Online and Prodigy.

It's kind of funny, the bundled America Online client uses a stripped down version of GeoWorks instead of Windows!

WinMate Tutorial
WinMate includes a tutorial system.

The tutorial features an annoying animated CD named CD-ROM Man. And this was before the time of Clippy or BOB!

Exiting WinMate
Shutting down WinMate.