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Flying Toasters
Surprisingly I was able to get OpenGL working with my rather old video card just by adding the "restricted" NVIDA driver. (Although it would only display at 800*600!)

Anyway Ubuntu comes with LOTS of screen savers, many of which use OpenGL, including this modern version of "Flying Toasters".

Switching back to the regular display driver, I noticed the Trash icon on the "task bar" panel did not move back to the corner. By default it is "locked" in place and can not be moved. Each time I clicked on it in an attempt to move it without unlocking it, it opens a completely new window.

Ubuntu Resoluton Preference
Back at the resolution control panel, I notice that there is no place to configure my monitor (since it won't let me pick refresh rates I know it will do), and there is no place to configure the color depth.

Is the assumption that everyone must run at 16 million colors and have a flat panel display (that isn't affected by refresh settings)?

Ubuntu Printing
Well, let's try printing. Setting up a printer is very straight forward with this printer wizard.

Selecting the driver is much easier compared to some versions I have seen. When there are multiple drivers for the same model of printer this one politely selects the recommend one and hides the others in a dropdown list where you can select them if you know what you need them for.

Ubuntu Printers
Once set up it displays the list of printers as a list of icons. And each one can be opened to show printing status. Properties of the printer are also easily configurable.

Ubuntu Shutting Down

And finally, shutting down. Hmmm, with Ubuntu you have quite a number of shutdown options.