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Ubuntu 10.04 Sounds
Now, on to setting some cool custom sounds... except there is no place to do that.

It looks like sounds are only available in "themes" that must be download separately! So to set your own sounds you have to be a theme developer?!

The only sound you can change is the is the "alert" sound. Surprisingly I couldn't find any applications off hand that used that.

Ubuntu 10.04 Lock Screen
By default, Ubuntu 10.04 locks the screen after a few minutes of inactivity. To resume, you must type your password.

It seems like you have to re-enter your computer password quite a bit in Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 10.04 Games
Some of the games included with Ubuntu 10.04.

There is a typical Solitaire and Minesweeper game, a Tetris clone, Mahjong, and a couple of "brain games".

Ubuntu 10.04 Oracle OpenOffice
Ubuntu 10.04 includes OpenOffice 3.2, now from our good friends at Oracle corp.

Once again, despite being bundled and loaded by default, the right-click "create document" menu does not include any blank document templates.

Ubuntu 10.04 Save As
At least all open/save dialogs seem to be consistent. Sometimes you can use SMB file locations (such as directly typing smb://server/share/file), but that usually doesn't seem to work. When it does work, it litters up the desktop with "mount" icons.

Very annoyingly the open/save dialog slaughters the time stamp. I have no idea what time "14:02" is supposed to be. Except perhaps time to get a new clock.

Ubuntu 10.04 Case Sensitive
And here is a problem that will probably plague Linux until the end of time because of the "its always been done that way" syndrome.

Linux and many Unix-like file systems are infamous for being "case sensitive".

In this example, a number of files have been given the exact same name. The only difference is how the case is formatted.

In the real world, case does NOT change the meaning of a word. Case is simply extra formatting that can hint at emphasis, or indicate that a word is being used as a name or title.

But somewhere along the line some programmers only see that the machine representation "61 6D 62 69 67 75 6F 75 73" is not equal to "41 6D 62 69 67 75 6F 75 73" and they don't feel they can spare a couple of CPU cycles or revise some archaic standards from 1969 to perform a proper case insensitive comparison.

Ubuntu 10.04 Shutting Down
Finally, shutting down Ubuntu 10.04.

User session options such as logging out and shutting down are now located under the "power" icon on the upper panel. Previously all of these different options appeared at once in the shutdown dialog box.