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Location: GUIs > Linux / Unix > SunView - SunOS 4.1.1

SunView Font and Icon Editor
As with 3.5, this version includes a font editor and icon editor. Textedit still behaves as I mentioned previously, requiring the filename to be entered in to the document before it can save the file.

SunView E-mail Program
Also the same e-mail program that works with the local Unix mail system.

SunView Fileview
This version of SunView includes a file manager called "Fileview". However, I could not find any way to launch it through the GUI, instead I had to launch it from a command line.

At a glance this file manager appears to be heavily influenced by the Macintosh Finder.

It doesn't really seem to have a way to open new windows, and I think it is supposed to be limited to one window, but running Fileview again will create a new window. Files can be viewed as icons, lists, or lists with details. Files can be cut and pasted between windows or locations. It does have drag-and-drop but that seemed kind of buggy when I tried it.

Note that the scroll bars are on the right of the windows instead of the left like the others.

SunView File Manager
The top of the file window shows your current location as a series of folders. It can also display a hierarchy of folders.

It also implements a "find" function. I was rather impressed with this as most Unix desktops don't have this or make it exceedingly complicated. In fact this implementation feels much like the "find" function included with Microsoft Windows 95.

Finally, Fileview is the only SunView application I saw that attempts to implent a Mac-like drop down menu. However, SunView does not appear to implement menus natively and this menu attempts to stick to the SunView mouse button usage conventions.

This results in a rather odd system where the "menus" are actually buttons. Clicking on the button with the right mouse button, as per the existing conventions, brings up the actual menu. Clicking on the button with the left mouse button immediately executes a default action from that menu.

This probably explains where the odd menus in OpenView comes from, as they copy this convention for consistency.

SunView Exit Dialog
Exiting SunView.