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Location: GUIs > Linux / Unix > OpenWindows 2 - SunOS 4.1.1

OpenWindows Control Panel
The Workspace Properties dialog, selectable from the Workspace menu,  is kind of like a control panel. (You are not supposed to open multiple instances but I did so you can see all of the pages selectable with the down arrow button)

Notable options include:

  • Icons can be made to appear on different areas of the screen.
  • The button used to open menus can be changed to the left mouse button rather than the default of the right mouse button.
  • Scroll bars are configurable and can be placed on the left or right.
  • By default the mouse cursor can instantly jump to popup windows, and that can be turned off.
The above screen shot shows the desktop icons on the right, and the scroll bars set to appear on the left.

The screen shots also shows the default behavior of clicking a menu item with the left mouse button - a default action is instantly selected instead of displaying the menu. The menu is only displayed by clicking the right mouse button instead. This method might be more familiar to users that previously used SunView. Changing the menu option in the properties makes the left mouse button display the menu as is common in most other GUIs.

OpenWindows Applications
Some of the OpenWindows applications.

Note that in SunView it is not possible to position a window so that part of it is off of the screen. Here it is.

OpenWindows Tacks
An interesting feature is that some menus can be "tacked" up so they display until dismissed.

OpenWindows Message Boxes
Like SunView, OpenWindows includes an e-mail program that works with the built-in Unix mail system. This also shows an example of a message dialog, which sometimes visually shows where the action originated.

OpenWindows 2 SunView Apps
OpenWindows 2 can also run SunView applications. SunView applications running this way are managed by their own windowing system instead of the OpenWindows window manager.

OpenWindows Demos
And a few demo applications.

OpenWindows Screen Saver
There is an option to "lock" the screen from the Workspace menu. When activated it starts a screen saver that displays random curvy shapes.
OpenWindows Unlock Screen
Leaving the screen saver prompts for the user ID and password before returning to the desktop. .

OpenWindows Exit
Finally, exiting OpenWindows 2.