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Safari 3
It also includes Safari 3.

Classic Apps
Mac Classic apps will no longer run, even if you have a PPC based Mac. The support files will happily install from a 10.4 CD but that doesn't help. And those were some really good Classic applications too. That was.... a bummer.

Weird Shit
Oh, man, I'm really tripping out. Wow, that CoverFlow view combined with the search  function can reveal all kinds of weird shit you have on your hard drive. These graphics happen to be 3d model skins for jDoom I had copied on to the drive. It's bizarre seeing these raw graphics just fly across the screen. (And they display with PNG transparency too!)

Shut Down
Finally, shutting down Mac OS 10.5

Over all, Apple did make many improvements and added plenty of new cool stuff, but I was really hoping that with this major release Apple would take the time to fix some of the smaller issues and inconsistencies in Mac OS.

The Mac OS X finder still can't Cut and Paste files. There is a menu option for "Cut", but it is never enabled. Very annoying when trying to move stuff to or from a different drive. It is perfectly capable of doing that - dragging and dropping to the same drive performs a move, and dragging and dropping to a different drive while holding down the Command key on the KEYBOARD also performs a move.

I stopped putting up with that "copy then delete" nonsense back in the prehistoric DOS days using Power Menu's File Manager. I would just select the files, go to the new directory, and choose "File" then "Move". Saved me lots of headaches back in the day. And this was before DOS even had a Move command.

Deleting stuff dragged out of the Dock still doesn't make sense, but more importantly there is still no way to undo! How hard can it possibly be to add an "undo remove from dock"?

Still, it beats Vista, but let's see how long it takes Microsoft to blatantly rip off the new features of Mac OS.