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Location: GUIs > Apple > Mac OS X 10.4.6

Finder Slide Show
Finder can also now create quick and dirty slide shows just by highlighting the graphic files you want to use and then selecting "Sideshow" from the menu. (Very useful for displaying Porn I would imagine)

Usb Eject
I found this totally hilarious. After years of controlling how users may or may not insert or remove media, Apple now has to deal with USB flash drives that you can yank out exactly whenever in the hell you feel like it just like the old PC floppy disks. Mac OS X wants you to select "eject" (even though you can't physically "eject" a USB drive) and then it will graciously allow you to remove it without complaining.

The VPN software has received a number of additional features and options. Unfortunately it still isn't apparently quite enough to connect to a Nortel VPN with group authentication. Even though VPN protocols are supposed to be standard some people tack on their own proprietary extras requiring their own VPN client. Nortel gives away their Windows client for free but their Unix/Linux/MacOS client (Netlock) costs around $90 per user.

Safari 2
Mac OS X 10.4 includes the new Safari 2 web browser. As of 10.4 Safari 2 is not available as a separate download and is only available as a part of Mac OS X.

I guess everyone has to have their built in browsers these days. At least Safari isn't evil like a certain other browser.

Dictionary and Graph
A couple of new applications now included with Mac OS  X include a dictionary / thesaurus and a graphing program.

I couldn't test this out myself, but Apple is heavily promoting their enhanced iChat program that now has the ability to do video conferencing.

To do this iChat requires:

  • A fairly powerful Mac for multiple users.
  • An iSight or other camera with microphone (included with some Macs.)
  • Someone to talk to (not included.)