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Screen Shots

NeXTSTEP 0.9, simlar to 0.8, was another pre-release shipped with early NeXT hardware prior to the offical "1.0". These screen shots were taken using the NeXT emulator "Previous".

NeXTSTEP 0.9 Desktop
This is the NeXTSTEP 0.9 desktop.

It has many improvments and changes over 0.8, but probably the most imediatly visible is that the "Resize" button is gone. Instead, to resize you grab the small bevled rectangle in the corners and drag them.

Also, the dock now indicates if a program is running or not. It displays a "..." in the corner of inactive application icons.

NeXTSTEP 0.9 Prefs
NeXTSTEP 0.9 includes a Preferences control pannel application.

Right-click menus are now an option in the preferences, disabled by default. Removing right-click menu was to "simulate a single button mouse".

Workspace Manager now hides Unix file directories by default. To see them you must enable "Unix Expert" in the preferences.

NeXTSTEP has a "public window server" option. Appearntly it is possible to display application windows on other computers over the network like X11. But this is not X11 or compatible with it.

NeXTSTEP 0.9 NetInfo
Another addition to 0.9, is NetInfo.

NetInfo is a very generalized GUI for setting the network configuration.

0.9 also adds improvements to network printing, but that is kind of hard to show.

Another thing I can't really test, 0.9 reportedly adds automatic mounting of optical disk media. So in 0.8 you had to do things the traditional Unix way and type a pile of cryptic commands just to change a disk.

NeXTSTEP 0.9 Framemaker]
Among the bundled applications, one of the more interesting is a demo pre-release version of FrameMaker.

NeXTSTEP 0.9 Interface Builder
The interface builder is a bit different. The pallet is reorganized as an iconic set of tabs, similar to the Preferences application.

Notice that 0.9 introduces a different radio button appearance from 0.8. Instead of showing a solid black center, it uses a bevled white circle.
The problem with this is that the selected one looks empty, and the unselected ones look disabled. This appearance remains through the remainder of NeXTSTEP.

NeXTSTEP 0.9 Mathmatica
NeXTSTEP 0.9 also includes Mathmatica, a complex mathmatical graphing too.

NeXTSTEP 0.9 Breakout
The demo applications also now include a "breakout" syle game called BreakApp.

NeXTSTEP 0.9 Shutdown
Finally, shutting down NeXTSTEP 0.9.