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MorphOS 3.1 Amiga applications
MorphOS can run many programs designed for the Amiga.

This screenshot shows MorphOS running a 68k AmigaOS application seamlessly in a window. Other applications may use the full screen.

The AmigaOS emulation isn't perfect. I tried a few different applications, and most ran in to problems. SimCity 2000 for Amiga refused to run, reporting that it could not initialize the music system.

MorphOS 3.1 games
And a couple of games included with MorphOS.

MorphOS web browser
MorphOS includes TCP/IP networking, a web browser, and a graphical FTP program.

The Oddesy Web Browser is a modern web browser based on WebKit, the same engine as Konqueror, Safari, and Chrome.

MorphOS 3.1 tools
MorphOS has an installer utility, but applications can also be installed just by copying them in.

Interestingly, MorphOS has a disk defragmenter utility. That is not something I usually see in smaller OSes. Even some larger OSes leave this out (and any story about file systems that never get fragmented or scattered around is simply not true)

MorphOS 3.1 file copy dialog
Here is an interesting feature. The file replace dialog shows MD5 sums of the files. Seems like a bit of an overkill, but perhaps MorphOS users have some specific use for this. Typically simply seeing the modification date and size is enough.

MorphOS 3.1 custom UI
The MorphOS user interface is VERY configurable. There are a number of windowing themes you can choose from, and you can change many details of how windowing and dialog controls work.

You can also add a sliding "panel" bar that can hold custom icon buttons for applications and documents.

MorphOS 3.1 time applet
Perhaps is is just buried in all of the other configuration options, but the clock doesn't even seem to know about normal 12-hour time. Weird.

MorphOS 3.1 registration warning
The trial version of MorphOS shutting YOU down.