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The Best Keyboard in the World

I mentioned this elsewhere, but recently I came across a model of Inland keyboard for sale at Microcenter that did not have the Windows logo on the "Start" keys.

I think this classifies as a sick Windows trick because it is so rare to find a common non-specialty keyboard like this. It has bugged me for ages that modern keyboards always include Microsoft's trademarked, proprietary, logo as a standard key. Microsoft started this nonsense back in the mid 1990s to make non-Windows OSes seem out of place on a PC. Before that, PC keyboards included no such key and doing so would have been unthinkable.

Bill must not have given the manufacturer enough bribe money. I'm sure some legs were broken over this.

Aldus PageMaker for Windows 1.01
Speaking of rare items, apparently Aldus briefly sold a version of PageMaker 2 that ran under Windows 1.x.  At the time most desktop publishers used a Macintosh, so if any copies of the Windows version even still exist, they are extremely rare.

This photo is from the Computer Chronicles, where they demonstrate PageMaker running on a PC.

A video of this segment is on Youtube:  PageMaker running under Windows 1.0

Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8 Windows 8
Here is another sick Windows 8 trick: Windows 8 running comfortably on a 14" monitor. It works great, because this was the size of screen Windows 8 was designed for.

Windows 8 feels like MS-DOS
Oh, I'm sorry did you upgrade to an over 9000 inch monitor? Well, that is obsolete now as you must upgrade to something SMALLER!

Do more than one thing at a time? Forget about it. Make your penis look bigger? Nope!

Makes me wish I had kept my old VGA 14" (or was it 13"?) Vtec Laser CRT monitor. I used to use that on my 286 with my ISA Video 7 VGA 1024i. It could do 1024*768 interlaced, and Windows 8 with "Metro" would have worked wonderfully. I guess it wasn't obsolete after all!

Windows 8 2012 is like AOL 1993
This has been floating round the internet. As it turns out, Windows 8 has a striking resemblance to AOL's 1990's "Kid's Only" service.