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You make menu changes through a separate program called hDC Windows Express Editor.

From here you can add, remove, or further customize any menu item.

You may customize the icon for each menu item, and give each icon a color.

If you had the hDC Windows Color utility installed, you would see an additional eight colors in the selection box. (Windows 1 and 2 limit themselves to 8 UI colors for compatibility with other video modes).

The "icons" are not Windows icon files, and can not be imported or exported. You must draw it in the edit box. They are limited to one color per icon.

Shutting down Windows from hDC Windows Express.

Over all, hDC Windows Express is a nice looking menu shell for Windows 2.x. It became redundant when Microsoft introduced the Program Manager in Windows 3.0 - although, in many ways the Program Manager was not quite as friendly.

It would be nice if the Windows 1.x version would turn up. There was also a much later version (Windows Express 4.0) that was enhanced for Windows 3.1.

Finally, here is a complete list of the applications loaded in to the sample menu. Some of them are DOS applications, but many are Windows 2.x applications:
Sample Menu

Desktop Applications 
CALC.EXE Calculator  -- from Microsoft 
CALENDAR.EXE Calendar  -- from Microsoft *.CAL 
CARDFILE.EXE Cardfile  -- from Microsoft *.CRD 
CLOCK.EXE Clock  -- from Microsoft
CLIPBRD.EXE Clipboard  -- from Microsoft 
NOTEPAD.EXE Notepad  -- from Microsoft *.TXT
REVERSI.EXE Reversi  -- from Microsoft 
TERMINAL.EXE Terminal  -- from Microsoft *.TRM

General Business 
Databases  -- for organizing data 
Spreadsheets  -- for financial analysis 
Word Processing  -- for written correspondence 
This folder contains documents and word processing programs for Windows. 
Communications  -- for telecommunications 
This folder contains programs for telecommunications. 
Project Management  -- for organizing important projects

QUARTZ.EXE Omnis Quartz  -- from Blyth Software 
PCLINK.EXE PC/SQL-link  -- from Micro Decisionware 
OPUS.EXE Opus I  -- from Roykore Software 
SQL.EXE SQL Windows  -- from Gupta Technologies

EXCEL.EXE Excel  -- powerful spreadsheet from Microsoft *.XLS 
EXCEL.EXE q1budget.xls Budget  -- Q1 This item is protected with a password. PleasetType "Mary" when prompted.

WRITE.EXE NEMEMO.WRI Memo -- Northeast Division 10/25
WRITE.EXE WMEMO.WRI Memo -- West Division 9/5

Word Processing 
WRITE.EXE Write  -- from Microsoft Choose a document to edit *.WRI
GUIDE.EXE Guide -- Hypertext from Owl International 
WINTEXT.EXE WinText  -- from Palantir *.WT 
NOTEPAD.EXE Notepad  -- from Microsoft *.TXT 
Correspondence  -- Misc. memos, notes, letters

EMAIL.EXE eMail  -- From Da Vinci Systems 
DYNACOMM.EXE DynaComm  -- from Future Soft 
TERMINAL.EXE Terminal  -- from Microsoft *.TRM
PCMACNET.EXE PC/Mac Net -- from Connect

Project Management 
DESIGN.EXE Design/2.0  -- from Meta Software

Drawing Tools 
PBRUSH.EXE Windows Paintbrush  -- from ZSoft *.PCX
PAINT.EXE Paint  -- from Microsoft Choose a Paint file *.MSP 
PRO3D.EXE Pro3D/PC  -- from Enabling Technologies

Presentation Tools
PIXIE.EXE Pixie  -- from Zenographics

Graphics Drawing Tools  -- for creating graphics 
Presentation Tools  -- presentation graphics applications
Clip-art  -- art files
SCRAP.EXE ClickArt Scrapbook+  -- from T/Maker
SNAP.EXE Snap -- from Microsoft

PAINT.EXE images.msp Images  -- Paint pictures 
PAINT.EXE logos.msp Logos  -- Paint pictures 
DRAW.EXE symbols.pic Symbols  -- Draw objects

Page Layout & Design
DESIGNER.EXE Designer  -- From Micrografx
A&L.EXE Arts & Letters Graphics Editor  -- From Computer Support Corporation 
A&L.EXE Arts & Letters Graphics Composer  -- From Computer Support Corporation 
PM.EXE PageMaker  -- from Aldus Choose a publication to edit *.PUB
HALO.EXE HALO DPE  -- From Media Cybernetics 
IMAGEDIT.EXE IBM ImagEdit 2.0  -- Image editor from IBM
TR.EXE IBM TextReader  -- OCR scanning from IBM

PAINT.EXE images.msp Images  -- Paint pictures 
PAINT.EXE logos.msp Logos  -- Paint pictures 
DRAW.EXE symbols.pic Symbols  -- Draw objects

Standard Applications 
Spreadsheets  -- 1-2-3, Multiplan, SuperCalc 
Word Processing  -- Word, WordStar, WordPerfect, and others 
Languages  -- BASIC, Pascal Graphics  -- Presentation and Drawing
Database Management -- dBASE, R:BASE, PFS, and others 
Communications  -- SmartCom, Access, and others 
Project Management  -- Harvard, Microsoft 
Integrated Applications -- Symphony, Framework

1-2-3  -- Lotus 1-2-3, versions 1A and 2 
123.PIF Lotus 1-2-3  -- version 1A 
123.PIF Lotus 1-2-3  -- version 2
MP.PIF Multiplan  -- from Microsoft 
SC4.PIF  SuperCalc 4  -- spreadsheet

Word Processing 
IBM  -- Personal, Professional, Assistant 
WordStar  -- from MicroPro 
Word  -- from Microsoft 
MM.PIF Multimate Advantage II  -- from Ashton-Tate 
PFSWRITE.PIF PFS Write  -- easy to use
VW3.PIF VolksWriter  -- from Lifetree 
EDITOR.PIF XYWrite  -- from XYQuest
WRDPERF.PIF WordPerfect  -- version 4.2

PE2.PIF Personal Editor  -- from IBM 
PROEDIT.PIF Professional Editor  -- from IBM 
WRITE.PIF Writing Assistant  -- from IBM

WS.PIF WordStar  -- version 3.3 
WS2.PIF WordStar  -- 2000 WordStar

WORDEGA.PIF Word  -- for the EGA  *.DOC 
WORD.PIF Word  -- from Microsoft *.DOC

ACTOR.EXE Actor  -- Windows programming from the Whitewater Group
CL.PIF /Zd %f,,,; c  -- msc compiler Choose a source to compile 
*.C Turbo Pascal  -- three versions 
MAKE.EXE Make  -- Program Maintenance Utility Choose a project to make *.MAK

BASICA  -- advanced BASIC interpreter 
BASIC  -- BASIC interpreter 
QB.PIF QuickBASIC  -- from Microsoft

Turbo Pascal 
TURBO.PIF Turbo Pascal  -- from Borland
TURBOBCD.PIF Turbo Pascal  -- with BCD math 
TURBO87.PIF Turbo Pascal  -- with 8087 support

CHART.PIF Chart  -- from Microsoft
GRAPH.PIF Graphics Assistant  -- from IBM
PC-DRAW.PIF PC - DRAW  -- Drawing application

Database Management dBASE  -- versions II and III
IBMFILE.EXE Filing Assistant  -- from IBM
R:BASE  -- for DOS and Clout 
FILE.PIF PFS File  -- file manager
SCOM.PIF Smartcom I  -- version I 
SCOM.PIF Smartcom II  -- version II

DBASE2.PIF dBASE II  -- from Ashton-Tate 
DBASE.PIF dBASE III  -- from Ashton-Tate

RBASE.PIF R:BASE for DOS  -- from Microrim 
CLOUT.PIF Clout  -- natural language interface

ACCESS.PIF Access  -- from Microsoft
PFSACCES.PIF PFS-Access  -- communications 
Smartcom  -- from Hayes 
XTALK.PIF XTalk  -- from Microstuf

Project Management 
HTPM.PIF Harvard  -- project manager 
PROJ.PIF Microsoft  -- project manager

Integrated Applications 
FW.PIF Framework  -- from Ashton-Tate 
SYMPHONY.PIF Symphony  -- from Lotus

Windows Utilities 
WINMAN.EXE hDC Windows Manager  -- system extensions from hDC hDC Windows Manager is a new product from hDC that makes Windows easier and more enjoyable to use. For more information about this product, please contact hDC!

COLOR.EXE hDC Windows Color -- palette-setting utility hDC Windows Color is an enhanced display driver and palette-setting utility.  If you are running Windows without hDC Windows Color, you are not taking full advantage of your EGA or VGA card! 
hDC Windows Color doubles the colors you see with Windows -- and any Windows application.  At the same time, it gives you a high screen resolution of 640 X 350 with an EGA and 640 X 480 with a VGA.  Not only do you get 16 colors instead of 8, but you can choose which 16 out of a palette of 64. For more information about hDC Windows Color, call hDC! 

EXPEDIT.EXE hDC Windows Express Editor  -- to create and modify menus Use the hDC Windows Express Editor to modify existing or create new menus (.WEM files) for use with Windows Express. As instructed in the manual, never edit the menu file that you are currently running with Windows Express. 

*.WEM CONTROL.EXE Control Panel  -- to modify Windows This item is the Windows Control program. 

MSDOS.EXE MS-DOS Executive -- for file management The password for this menu item is "Microsoft"

Utilities Windows Utilities  -- from hDC & Microsoft DOS Utilities -- popular utilities for DOS

DOS Utilities 
COMMAND.COM DOS  -- run in a window Remember!  To close COMMAND.COM you must first type exit at the prompt.

Back up your hard disk  -- all files This will use the IBM BACKUP.COM program to back up the C drive to the A drive 

Back up your hard disk  -- modified files This will use the IBM BACKUP.COM program to back up the C drive to the A drive

Main Menu 
WRITE.EXE readme.wri Open Me First!  -- Windows Express 2.11 Release Notes 
This is a WRITE file containing release notes for Windows Express version 2.11. 

NOTEPAD.EXE SAMPLE.TXT Notepad  -- read sample file This item is used in the hDC Windows Express tutorial.