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There is no such thing as "God"!

There is no such thing as god

Consider yourself informed.

Before you get your panties in a wad, remember I didn't make you view this page. Go ahead and believe whatever you want. Go ahead and believe that the universe is run by a magic sky fairy, the great green arkleseizure, a flying plate of spaghetti, or a pair of magic alicorn sisters. Just don't go around pushing this nonsense on others as fact, especially children. Anyone who teaches children to ignore the scientific realities of the universe in favor of religious make-believe is the equivalent of a mental child molester and should be locked up.

It is natural to anthropomorphize anything that isn't fully understood. Putting a human face on nature or technology can make it easier to deal with, but it is incorrect to accept such as literal. One could define this "god" as all of the good in the universe. But ask any regular church goer if they are worshiping an abstract idea: "no, he be a person, he be livin in teh sky". Morons.

But eschewing or dismissing reality in favor of make-believe inhibits rational scientific thinking. On a larger scale, it inhibits the scientific capacity of the nation, as critical scientific jobs for next-generation technology all wind up going to the Chinese! Pushing religious beliefs off on to children also makes one a traitor to the United States of America.

Face it, the universe is a cold hard place. The truths are painful and ugly. Much about the universe is unknown. It is easier to believe the fluffy pink comfortable lies. So it is no wonder so many people subscribe to these archaic beliefs.

How is it even possible these days that so many idiots still seriously deny evolution? Trying to imagine the magnitude of small changes involved over billions of years a a population of trillions is not easy. But evolution is a real phenomena that can be observed and measured even on a small time scale. Would a parent tell their child that they can't be any better than them? That is what evolution is, small incremental improvements over numerous generations. Perhaps they watched too much Pokemon that mis-uses the term to mean "rank up"? Perhaps they envisioned a human popping out of a monkeys vagina? Oh, right their ancient story book told them it was so, and they are not allowed to question it.

There is no "life" after death. Imagine drawing a picture on a computer without saving to disk so it is only in RAM, and then you pull the plug. Does that picture magically "go" anywhere? No, it ceased to exist. Without power, each bit in RAM degrades until it reaches a natural undefined state. The human brain isn't that different in that respect. It is just a pile of organic cells acting as circuits that haphazardly store and process information. Deprived of oxygen, the cells die, and information is lost. Unlike computers, we can't copy or back up our brains. One could make a case for shared consciousness, but that is completely separate from knowledge or thought, which makes you "you".

You think your "god" is real? Show us the scientific proof it exists. The most exciting thing in science is being proven wrong! What's that? You "feel" it exists so it must be real? That is only evidence of mental illness. Your parents told you it is real? Oh dear, has anyone told you about Santa Claus yet? Parents tell their kids all kinds of things just to get them to shut up - that is also where the fairy tails about life after death come from.

Hey, I don't claim to "know" anything, and I don't expect anyone to absolutely believe me. People should question things and come to their own conclusions... oh, but that is SCIENCE, and and we can't have that now can we? One of the cornerstones of science and intelligent advancement is that everything should be questioned. But at odds with this, most religions have explicit rules against questioning said religion.

But it is understandable how people get sucked in to this mess. You automatically get to join one of their huge social groups if you claim to believe the same thing! Most religions are just a power grab to permit them fleece their flock of money, and hymens. And there are so few other social outlets these days for people who don't believe this crap. Even those that do not really believe the mumbo jumbo, just say the magic words, do the magic dance, wear the magic underpants, and poof, instant friends - if you don't mind people who are too stupid to live.

I have spent too much of my life arguing with idiots who can't even begin to comprehend what I have to say. I'm not going to argue with anyone about this. If you have read this far and don't agree with me, then just go stick your head back in the sand.  I have had this religious crap shoved in my face for my entire life, constantly being told I am wrong. Something to consider is that most religious nuts have never even ONCE heard or considered the possibility that THEY may be wrong.

Yes, it is difficult for me to stay perfectly civil on such a topic. If this sort of thing is too sensitive for your soft little eyes or ears, then you came to the wrong fucking web page. After years of having this retarded dick shit pounded in my face, I am tired of it and wish these morons would die a miserable and horrible death, just like me. Fuck your sack of shit imaginary "god", fuck Mohammed, fuck Jesus,  fuck your mom's magic underwear salesman, fuck the flying plate of spaghetti, and fuck your magic alicorn princess if you don't already.

Mentally handicapped sticker

This Penny Arcade comic seems to accurately describe what is happening to teaching science these days: Dropping Science

Fox 5 in Atlanta ran a story that A group of parents was "concerned" after an atheistic poem was passed around a class and read by dozens of  Polk County's Cedartown Middle School students. Somehow they managed to report this with a straight face.

The poem, titled "Unicorn" talks about the non-existence of "God", comparing it to a mythical unicorn. Supposedly the poem was used as part of a Greek mythology lesson referring to Greek gods.

The parents got pissed off because they are retards who want to keep their children in an information vacuum.

The original poem is located here: https://www.slideshare.net/bluelotusjoy/johars-poem-1

God is Like a Mythical creature. 
A unicorn 
With silver blood.
If you drink the blood you will 
Live for ever.
It makes a good story in a book
Like Harry Potter. 
The idea of God makes 
Young children 
Laugh and feel safe at night. 
But when you grow older 
And see the evil in the world
And the face of death 
Like a shadow
Behind the eyes 
Of every living thing, 
Then where is God? 
Then God is revealed in all his 
A naked lie, 
A childish dream, 
A mythical creature 
Like the Unicorn. 



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