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My stuff
(AKA fun with my scanner)

I have a lot of stuff around here, this is some of my cooler stuff:

Realistic Pocketvision portable television
I bought this from Radio Shack back in the 80s when they first came out. I wanted to be the first kid on the block to have one of these new consumer model flat screen LCD TVs. No one else cared, but I thought it was cool. Actually it is still cool,  it still works great and I have put it to good use on a number of occasions.

Heathkit Hero Speech Manual
I have an old busted up Heathkit Hero Robot. It used to belong to the high school I went to, they used it in their electronics class where the brain dead monkey fucks they had for students there tore it up. When I was in that class I repaired it, got it running, and even wrote software for it. I had to leave it with the school when I graduated but a friend of mine later found it, what was left of it, at an auction and let me have it. Most of the electronics are in tact, but the remote, power supply, manuals (except the above copy of the speech manual I kept), and a side panel are missing and the arm is all torn up. I had wanted to write some kind of AI program for it, but I never got around to it.

Bill Gates' Personal Super Secret Private Laptop.Bill Gates 99 paper doll book.
I got these for birthday presents a few years back. The first one is a book made to look like a laptop with all kinds of parodies of Bills activities to take over the world. The other is a paper "doll" book featuring Bill Gates and all kinds of hilarious getups.

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