How I set up Outlook to talk to an Exchange Server under Wine 0.9.5. There may be better ways to do this:

Use Winetools to set up a fake Windows drive.
Use Winetools to install DCOM98.
Office / Outlook 97 does not need IE. For Outlook 98 or later use Winetools to install IE (yuck).
Use Winetools to install the desired version of Office.

Copy the files RPCLTC3.DLL and RPCLTS3.DLL from a real Windows directory (I used the ones from Windows 95) in to the SYSTEM32 folder on the fake Windows drive.
Add the following registry entries (copy and paste this as a REG file and import).

"DCOM Protocols"=hex(7):6e,63,61,63,6e,5f,69,70,5f,74,63,70,00,00





More info: This adds the RPC over TCP/IP interfaces. These are not included with the DCOM update or Office.

(connect to your network if needed)

Now start the Wine control panel, open the Mail applet, and add your profile and exchange server using the wizard.

Note: The "Add Service to Profile" dialog will not work unless the Wine control panel is started in the wine c:\windows\system32 folder (for example starting WCMD changing to that directory and running CONTROL.EXE).

More info: The "Add Service to profile" dialog lists the services available in the MAPISVC.INF file but before displaying the item, it checks if the DLLs listed exist. It only looks in the current directory and for some reason under wine it usually winds up somewhere other than the system folder. It therefore can not find the files and will not list the services.

You should now be able to start Outlook and talk to your Exchange server.

Note: The Outlook splash screen may cover the login dialog box. You can either type in your info "blind", or add a splash killer. Running Wine in a desktop window (so it manages its own windows) may also work around that.

Note: Outlook Office Assistants do not currently work right under Wine. (if indeed there is such a thing as a "right" way for those to work). Avoid installing it if possible.

Reportedly this is not needed and everything "just works" under Crossover Office.

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