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Windows 7 Crash
Whoops, Windows 7 fall down and go boom.

Windows 7 Stickies
Oh, and Windows 7 adds sticky notes. Just like MacOS X has had for ages.

Windows 7e
Also, in case anyone is wondering, here is the default desktop from Windows 7e. Note that there is no IE logo on the task bar.

Windows 7 16-Bit Apps
Also a side-by side comparison of some of the current apps and their Windows 1.01 counterparts. 16-bit apps will run on the 32-bit version of Windows 7 but not on the increasingly popular 64 bit version.

Windows 7 Firefox
Bringing a tiny bit of sanity to Windows 7. Unfortunately the classic start menu has been brutally murdered, and I don't think there is any hope of ever again getting a simple explorer window containing just files without a sidebar, navigation bar, or context menus. At least the classic theme is still in there.

The only way to get rid of those stupid ribbons in Wordpad and Paint is to run the old versions from XP or Vista. Fortunately those seem to run nicely.

Firefox, of course runs nicely. Although after installing it, it does not get as prominent placement as it used to. Without the Quick Launch area or the default "Internet" start menu item, the only immediately visible way to launch Firefox is from the desktop icon. The user must "pin" Firefox to the Start Menu and Task Bar themselves.

Windows 7 Shut Down
Shutting down Windows 7. Really there is nothing to see, the instant you click the "shut down" button it immediately starts shutting down without even asking if you are sure.

Windows 7 Activation
And as the new tradition goes: Windows 7 shutting YOU down.