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In the days of Windows 2, applications were still quite rare. It really wasn't until Windows 3.0, and Microsoft's change in direction away from OS/2, that developers took notice. (Even then many did not look at Windows as technically viable until 95/NT.)

When Windows 2 rolled out, Microsoft took out an ad showing off many of the new applications for Windows 2.

Windows 2 apps page 1
The source of these scans is the GUI GuideBook

Windows 2 apps page 2

This list of applications includes:
Engineering Capture System™, CAD/CAM Application, The CAD/CAM Group. 
Paradox®, multi-user relational data base application, Ansa Software, A Borland Co. 
Windows Mail, electronic mail application, DaVinci Systems. 
The Network Courier®, electronic mail application, Consumers Software, Inc. 
PC Paintbrush®, color design and graphics application, ZSoft Corporation. 
Dragnet, text retrieval application, Access Softek. 
Windows Spell, spell checking application, Palantir® Software. 
SnapShot, electronic photography application, Aldus Corporation. 
Guide, hypertext application, OWL International, Inc. 
In*a*Vision™, intermediate CAD application, Micrografx, Inc. 
Actor, programming language (4th-generation), The Whitewater Group, Inc. 
Windows Filer, filing and reporting application, Palantir Software. 
Windows inTalk, desktop communications application, Palantir Software. 
ClickStart!, applications organizer application, hDC Computer Corporation. 
VIEW/PC, host data base access system application, DB/ACCESS, Inc. 
Nexpert Object, AI graphical expert, system application. Neuron Data. 
Designer, CAD application, Micrografx, Inc. 
Microsoft Excel, spreadsheet application, Microsoft Corporation. 
Windows DRAW™, presentation graphics application, Micrografx, Inc. 
Omnis™ QUARTZ™, multi-user database application, Blyth Software, Inc. 
PageMaker®, desktop publishing application, Aldus Corporation. 
Wave Test, GPIB test program generator, Wavetek San Diego. Inc. 
Microsoft Pageview, page preview/graphics integration for Microsoft Word. 
Opus I™, The HyperGraphics Program, Roykore Software, Inc. 
Windowlink for IRMA™, 3270 terminal emulation. DCA. Inc. 
Windows GRAPH™, business graphics/charting application, Micrografx, Inc. 
Scrapbook, art images application, T/Maker Company. 
Beacon, 4th-generation language, Micro Data Base Systems, Inc. 
WinTime®, resource scheduling application, Palantir Software. 
Form Base, relational data base application, Columbia Software, Inc.

And another ad shows:
AMI Word processor
Legend Word processor
Xerox FormBase
CrossTalk for Windows
And by the time Windows 3 rolled out, there were certainly many other Windows 2 applications.

Others known/suspected to exist: (I might add to this later)
Gupta SQL*Windows
hDC MicroApp SDK / FirstApps
hDC Windows Manager (set of misc uilities)
hDC Windows Color (enables Win2.x to use all 16 VGA colors)
Adobe Illustrator 2.0
HP NewWave 1.x (and perhaps 2.x)
CAM ViewPoint 4.0 (Project managment tool)
CA-Cricket Graph version 1.2 for Windows
Micrgrafx Graph Plus version 1.3
Pixie version 2.0 from Zenographics
Halcyon DoDOT graphics converter

It is possible, but unlikely that some of these may also run under Windows 1. (ZSoft PC Paintbrush, In*a*Vision, and PageMaker are known to run under Windows 1). It would be interesting to find out!

It is also not entirely clear if all of the above were completed, shipping applications. For example, it seems Paradox 1.00 for Windows was a Windows 3.0 application. So what is shown above?

To add even more confusion, some of them may have been advertised as DOS programs that quetly bundled Windows as a runtime.