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Applications for Windows 1.x and 2.x
Or "Sick Windows Tricks 4"!

I had previously posted some freeware games and developer samples for Windows 1.x and 2.x Since then a few more applications have surfaced.

Lets start with this little surprise: How often do you see a NEW application for Windows 1? Well then, make this the first time since about 1987!

Winemine for Windows 1
I present WineMine for Windows 1.01!

This is a port of the MineSweeper program used by ReactOS and Wine. Surprisingly it uses a conservative set of WIN APIs that made it easy to recompile for Windows 1. After working around a couple of Windows 1.x/2.x bugs and shortcomings, it seems to work fairly well!

It runs natively under Windows 1.x, 2.x and in "compatibility mode" under Windows 3.x. The Windows 1.x version will not run under Windows 95/NT or later, but I have included a resource converted version that will.

Download here:

Windows 1 cake!
While searching around for Windows 1.0 applications, I came across the site of Charles Petzold, who has written a number of books on Win 16/32 programming over the years: On this page he demonstrates a sample "Cake" program for Windows 1.x, but where is the executable? Is the cake a lie?!

The source code is posted, and probably the intent is that you should compile it yourself. But for your convenience, I made you a cake!

Windows 1.0 cake program:

Balance of Power
Here is an interesting game that was written in 1985 for Windows 1.01 called "Balance of Power".

It appears it was distributed as a "DOS" program on a self-booting 360k floppy disk, and used a very minimal Windows 1.01 runtime.

Download Balance of Power: (set up for DOSBox)

Aldus PageMaker 1.00
At long, long, last a copy of Aldus PageMaker 1.00 has appeared!

You could probably count the number of significant commercial applications developed for Windows 1.x on one hand, and this was one of them.

For the sake of historical preservation:
Also a slightly newer version with the Windows 1.04 runtime: Aldus PageMaker

Micrografx In*a*Vision
Micrografx In*a*Vision!!!

The other known significant commercial application for Windows 1.x was Micrografx In*a*Vision. The Windows 2 and later versions of this were renamed to "Designer".

Micrografx In-A-Vision

PC Paintbrush
ZSoft PC Paintbrush for Windows version 1.05 turned up.

PC Paintbrush 1.05 for Microsoft Windows is a port of ZSoft's DOS-Based PC Paintbrush program to the Microsoft Windows environment. This version was included on the mouse driver disk of some Windows 2 / Microsoft Mouse bundles, but ZSoft also advertised it as a standalone product. A later version of this program was bundled with Windows 3.x as Microsoft Paintbrush.

Although it was bundled with and intended for use with Windows 2, it is also designed to run under Windows 1.x.

This Windows version should not be confused with the more popular version of PC Paintbrush for DOS. Also when Zsoft was bought out, Softkey confusingly restarted the version number over with PC Paintbrush 1.00 for their commercial Windows 3.x version release. (It is also no relation to the software "PC Paint" bundled with Mouse Systems mice.)

The ability to edit and display color bit-mapped graphics under Windows 1 is an interesting feat. Windows 1 and 2 only support monochrome device independent bitmaps, with no concept of a pallet. As such, all color PCX files are assumed to match the 8-color EGA pallet used by Windows 1 and 2. (So to create a PCX file it will open, it must have the first 8 colors match that pallet)

PC Paintbrush for Windows 1.05 (3.5).zip

Windows Draw 1.04
Micrografx Draw turned up! It is a vector drawing tool, similar to In*A*Vision, but geared more towards drawing clipart rather than an illustration tool. It bundles a Windows 1.03 runtime, and includes a few extra drivers not supplied by Microsoft.

Micrografx Windows Draw

Micrografx Windows Draw 1.04 - Readme 1st.pdf
Micrografx Windows Draw 1.04 - Getting Started.pdf
Micrografx Windows Draw 1.04.pdf

Portfolio, a clipart viewer and clipboard tool for Draw/In*A*Vision:
Micrografx Portfolio
Micrografx Portfolio 1.0 Manual.pdf

Windows 1 high-res
(click for the full size version)

And here is another sick Windows 1 trick, Windows 1 running at 800*600 thanks to this driver modification:
Here is a local copy just in case:

Windows 1 samples
Finally, here are a few more small code sample apps that run under Windows 1.x and happen to be slightly useful or interesting on their own.

This includes a hexadecimal calculator, a simple bouncing ball program, a tool for saving the contents of the clipboard, and a clock that sits in the icon area - similar to Windows 95 and later.

Code sample programs:

Windows 1 Mah Jong
Also came across several more shareware programs. First, a Mah Jong program called Taipei that seems to run great under Windows 1, although the readme suggests it was for Windows 2. Also an earlier version of the Missile Command-like Starbase program that works under Windows 1. And finally some miscellaneous shareware apps including a checkers program that happen to run under Windows 1.

Video Drivers:
Persyst BoB 16 Win 1.01
New: ATI VGA Wonder Driver - Includes Win 1.x and 2.x drivers
New: ATI VGA Wonder Driver ATI VGA Wonder Manual

A Microsoft Windows 1.03 driver disk set with drivers for:
Moniterm Viking I
Sigma Color 400
STB HT Chauffer
STB Multi Res
Tseng EVA
Video-7 Vega Deluxe with NEC Multisync Enhanced Color display
Vermont Microsystems Inc. Image Manager 1024
Wyse WY-700 High Resolution Display Adapter
It looks like there is also supposed to be a printers driver disk with this set, but is missing.

A driver disk that adds support for the Tandy 2000 to Windows 1.

WinSong Composer - A Win1.x music composer, the full version would have MIDI support. - A later renamed version of the above.

Omnis Quartz
Omnis Quartz - a database package from Blyth Software. Supports creation of custom data files, entry forms, printed reports, and macro code.

Omnis Quartz for Windows 1.x

Oh, and also:
Micrografx Windows Graph

Micrografx Windows Graph Demo 1.0

The full version turned up and can be downloaded here: Micrografx Windows Graph 1.0

Another update for another demo:
Palantier WinText

Palantir WinText and WinTime Demo

A limited Demo version of Palantir WinText, a fairly full featured editor, and WinTime, a resource scheduling program.

Supposedly WinText was the first real commercial word processor for Windows 1. Amazingly, it supports opening multiple documents at the same time, using overlapping MDI windows.

Although these are demo versions, apparently they can edit and save files just fine. They are not allowed to print and the spell checker is not included.

This demo requires at least Windows 1.03 to work properly.

Most reviews said the WinText/WinTime 1.0 versions were for Windows 2, but clearly these two applications (probably Version 1.5) support Windows 1.

Palantir also produced a number of other applications that may have run under Windows 1, assuming they were released before they went out of business::

  • "WinCalc" - a spreadsheet
  • "WinFiler" - a database called
  • "Windows Spell" - the WinText spell checker offered as a standalone product.
  • "NetTime" - a network version of WinTime
  • "Windows InTalk" their telecommunication program they brought over from the Mac
  • "WinLook" - an image manager
  • "WinPaint" - a paint program
  • "WinFonts" - a font editor
As it turns out, the copy of ZSoft Type Foundry out there runs on Windows 1:

ZSoft Publisher's TypeFoundry

ZSoft Publisher's Type Foundry 1.10

Also, a few more demo programs:
Cadlogic Instinct 1.0 - Even though this was found in a shareware collection, it appears to  actually be the full version, as there are no demo labels or warnings anywhere, and I couldn't find any obvious limitations. It is however just the EXE with a few sample drawings. Works on Windows 1.0x.

Micrografx In*a*Vision 1.23 Demo - Same limitations as all Micrografx demos. Works on Windows 1.0x. Includes sample clip art.
Micrografx Windows Draw 1.04 Demo - Same limitations as all Micrografx demos. Works on Windows 1.0x.

Media Cybernetics/Palantir WinGraph is a graphing program that officially requires Windows 2, but if you don't mind "&" symbols in place of menu hotkeys, it works fine under Widows 1.

WinGraph 1.02.01

Also, a Windows 1.x compatible screen capture utility is included with Show Partner FX 3.x.

Update: Not much to look at unless you have a DEST scanner, but DEST Publish Pac 2.0 has turned up.

Others known/suspected to run under Windows 1:
hDC ClickStart - a menuing / automation tool from hDC Computer Corp - became hDC Windows Express (source PC Mag Dec 22, 1987)
ATI EGA Wonder 800+ Drivers (Possibly other earlier ATI EGA Wonder variants also)