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Location: GUIs > Windows > Windows 2000 (NT 5.0)

The Windows 2000 start menu (Note that MS office is not yet part of the OS, it just happened to be installed on this machine).
The taskbar properties allow hiding of the favorites and logoff options (hidden here), as well as enabling or disabling scrolling for large menus.

I didn't get a chance to try the narrator because W2K didn't recognize the sound card in this machine, however it is about time they added speech software. My TI-99/4a could do that!

This is also in Windows ME, although I didn't mess with WinME enough to get screen shots. It hides programs items and groups that have not been accessed in a while. You must then click a down arrow at the bottom of the menu to view them. I'm not sure I like this feature much, and it must not be very intuitive if MS had to put a balloon help on it. (These balloon help things do not work like the MacOS ones. These seem to pop up just whenever they feel like and only for a few things)

Just an observation, it seems to me to be a little too easy to drag items out of the start menu and there is no immediately obvious way to put them back.

A little bonus Picture of MS-Office XP running on W2K. I just wanted to show how the menus don't behave like native menus (See the NT 3.51 screen shots for a picture of MS-Office 97 doing the exact same thing). Also notice the panel at the side that acts like a web page. Not sure I am crazy about that, but it beats the hell out of having a paper clip dancing around.

Shutting down Windows 2000.