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ReactOS 0.3.10
screen shots

ReactOS Boot
Once again, it is time to kick around ReactOS and see where it is.

As previously mentioned, ReactOS is an open source clone of Microsoft's Windows (NT based) operating systems that is still under development. It natively implements the Win32 APIs and even attempts to be compatible with Windows NT/2000/XP device drivers.

The ReactOS project has come a long way in the last few years, having had to overcome a number of obstacles and difficulties. Currently things are moving full steam ahead and the current release of ReactOS is looking even more promising. Of course they could always use more help from the community.

Things that are working now:

  • TCP/IP Networking
  • New ATA/SATA driver for better compatibility.
  • USB
A few things that are currently lacking:
  • Printing (That's the most important function of an operating system!)
  • Sound (although supposedly coming real soon now)
  • Integrated print/file sharing (like typing in \\myserv\share\myfile in a file open box and have it automatically open the file)
ReactOS Desktop
Again, the desktop has not changed much. The file windows now look slightly more like the Windows 98 explorer. By default it hides the drive bar, and now uses flat toolbar buttons.

The help system still wants to download and use the Gecko HTML renderer, but other than that no web browser is involved.

There is a new revision of the ReactOS Explorer in progress but it does not yet run.

ReactOS Accessories
ReactOS has gained a number of accessories including a remote desktop program, a WordPad clone, and a simple paint program.

ReactOS Screen Saver
ReactOS now has a default set of screen savers. Oooh, look at all the glowing radioactive butterflies!

ReactOS Games
Of course it still comes with a couple of built in games, WineMine and Solitaire.

ReactOS Downloader
Most notably it now comes with a Downloader utility that makes it easy for users to download and install application software that is not part of the ReactOS project.