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QNX 6.2.1 CD
Screen Shots

QNX offers a freely downloadable demonstration of the current version of their operating system. The downloadable image can be burned to a CD and then either installed to a hard drive or booted directly from the CD.

QNX is a powerful real-time operating system. You may have used QNX and not even known it. QNX is used in
industrial, network, telecommunications, medical, and automotive devices.

The following screen shots were taken booting from the CD and saving them to a hard drive.

The desktop contains a Windows 9x like taskbar and start menu. On the right side of the screen  is the "shelf" that provides a quick way to launch applications.

The CD version contains many more drivers and utilities and provides much more functionality than the old boot floppy demos did.  It was very impressive that QNX could boot from a floppy, but it is still impressive when compared to huge modern OSes such as Windows XP or current versions of Linux.

(Note: I omitted the default background image to reduce the file size of my screen shots)

This is the shelf configuration applet used for adding and removing components from the shelf.

This is the QNX Photon File Manager. It its basic functionality is similar to Windows Explorer or File manager.

A couple of sample applications include a calculator and an editor.

Underneath the hood QNX is a Unix-like OS. Opening a terminal window launches a command shell.

If you so desire you can change the color scheme of the windowing title bars.

QNX must be totally cool because it includes a cool Matrix-ish screen saver.

The demo CD includes networking support for many popular network interface cards and PPP internet dial up for use with real modems. Interestingly the boot CD automatically recognized the network card in my computer and got itself an IP address via DHCP.

Browsing the web with QNX. QNX includes the Voyager web browser, which is a lightweight HTML 3 compatible internet web browser.

The QNX built in help also uses the web browser.

This is the "QNX Software Installer", QNX's own built in application installation utility.

QNX includes a media player that can play certain audio and visual file formats. However the MPEG player seems to have a glitch here.

Shutting down QNX.