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PubTech File Organizer 3.10
screen shots

The PubTech File Organizer is an alternate desktop shell for Windows 3.0 that attempts to mimic the Macintosh Finder.

Functionally, the PubTech file Organizer 3.10  is almost exactly the same as Version 2 except it is designed to run under Windows 3.0. Color icons and sound effects have also been added.

Please see the PubTech File Organizer 2.11 page for a full description of all of the features.

The PubTech File Organizer splash screen that appears while it is loading.

Version 3.1 features a new set of icons with color. This, along with the 3d controls provided by Windows 3.0, gives it a much richer appearance.

The drive icons no longer disappear when you open them, but other files and folders still disappear when opened rather than being grayed out or otherwise indicating they are open.

This version also features various sound effects that are played on the PC speaker while dragging and dropping and performing other operations.

Since this runs on Windows 3.0 it can now have background images or patterns.

Oddly the menu icons have been removed from the Applications menu.

The Icon Manager has been enhanced to work with Windows Bitmap files.

Among the other applications the advanced text editor is still included and mostly the same. The cheesy little sliding number puzzle program, however, is no longer present.

The File Organizer control panel application has a number of new settings. These include turning the sound effects on and off, specifying the default size of folder windows when they open, and the default icon spacing.

The help system now uses the Windows 3.0 help system.

Finally, exiting PubTech File Organizer 3.10.