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OS/2 1.2
Screen Shots

After taking a look at OS/2 1.1, here is really quick look at IBM OS/2 1.2.

Over all the user interface of 1.2 is not much different from 1.1 or 1.3, but it is useful to note when some things were first introduced.

OS/2 1.2 Boot
The OS/2 install screen. This version is branded by IBM.

Bizarrely, OS/2 1.1 supports PS/2 mice but 1.2 does not. How did they manage to do that?

Even more bizarrely, there were various people posting that it was possible to use the OS/2 1.3 drivers, but the only article I could find that fully described how to change an OS/2 1.x mouse driver was a Microsoft KB article on Microsoft's site!

Bottom line is you need to copy the files msps201.sys and mouse.sys from an OS/2 1.3 install in to your OS/2 directory and replace the mouse lines in the config.sys with:
   device=c:\os2\mouse.sys type=msps2$
(there may be other ways to do that)

OS/2 1.2 Desktop Manager
As of 1.2, the "Desktop Manager" uses a separate window for each program group, and each group or item has an icon.

OS/2 1.2 File Manager
The OS/2 file manager is now called "File Manager".

Windowing controls and buttons now have a 3-d beveled appearance.

OS/2 1.2 Extended Attributes
Extended file attributes make their first appearance.

OS/2 1.2 Task List
The Task Manager no longer has an icon on the desktop, and only appears if you press Ctrl+Esc. The appearance is simplified and it is now named "Task List".

A "DOS" icon is still permanently located on the desktop.

OS/2 1.2 Control Panel
Same Windows 2.x style control panel, but now it uses an "OK" button.

OS/2 1.2 Help
The help system is vastly improved. It includes hyperlinks and even popup windows.

OS/2 1.2 Tutorial
And OS/2 1.2 even includes a tutorial.

OS/2 1.2 System Editor
The "OS/2 System Editor" is a text editor almost exactly like Notepad. OS/2 1.1 did not have this or any other PM applications.

OS/2 1.2  PMFdisk
Among several new Presentation Manager applications, OS/2 1.2 includes a GUI based disk partition utility.

OS/2 1.2 Image programs
There are also a couple of picture display and printing tools, but they only read some "*.MET" file format. No samples of this file type are included.

OS/2 1.2 Shutdown
And finally, shutting down.