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Microsoft Windows NT 4

Like other versions of Windows NT, NT 4 comes as Windows NT 4 Workstation and Windows NT 4 Server. The only difference is packaging, licensing, and different optimization settings.

Well... it looks just like Windows 95.

In fact, I had a hard time finding anything in Windows NT 4 that was not already in Windows NT 3.51 or Windows 95. The reason, of course, is that Windows NT 4 is basically NT 3.51 with components developed for 95 added.

Similar to NT 3.51's program manager, the Start menu divides the program groups in to groups that belong to a specific user, and groups that belong to all users.

The NT 4 control panel contains a combination of earlier NT and new 95 applets. Some of the NT 3.51 applets have been combined in to single applets. For example the color settings and desktop settings, and display settings have been combined in to the display properties applet.

The Network control panel in the background is a re-organized version of 3.51's. In NT 3.51, this dialog and most others used numerous buttons that opened up many different new windows. This has been replaced by tabbed dialogs in most places of Windows NT 4.

There is a slightly enhanced NT diagnostics program which provides information about the hardware and software in the system. Also shown is the Windows NT Server license manager.

Windows NT explorer allows editing of permissions like Winfile, but  now places the option in the properties page.

Like Windows 95, the Windows NT explorer takes over the role of the print manager. Like NT 3.51, it allows editing of local and remote print queues.

Windows NT 4 also includes Internet Explorer version 2, which is mostly the same as IE 1 that is packaged with the original release of Windows 95. There is no option while installing Windows NT to prevent installing IE 2, but it is easily deleteable.