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There was no shortage of word processors for the Macintosh. One application you may recognize is Microsoft Word.

This is Word for Macintosh Version 1.00. It was released in January 1985 and runs under MacOS 1.0 through 6.x.

Although this is called "Word Version 1.00" it was not actually the first product called "Microsoft Word". In 1983 Microsoft released a program called "Multi-Tool Word" which was very shortly after renamed to "Microsoft Word for DOS 1.x." Later they also created another version of Word called "Microsoft Word for Windows". Each of these ports of Word had their own version numbers which rarely matched each other.

Word 1.00 for the Macintosh had its own built in help, but it was not Hyperlinked in any way. (As compared to Visi On Word which had hyper linked help)

One interesting thing about this version of Word is that Undo indicates what action it is going to undo.

Exiting Microsoft Word.

And now for a few miscellaneous application screen shots:

Another powerful application for MacOS 1.x is Apple's MacProject.

There were a number of programming environments for the early Mac. This is a screen shot of Microsoft Basic. Unlike most BASIC at the time this version could display graphics, make use of the Macintosh menus, and use dialogs.

This is another screen shot of Microsoft Basic in code editor mode. Notice the command window which allows individual basic commands to be entered and immediately display the results in the output window without any compilation.

Yet another powerful Word processor - Word Perfect.

The WriteNow word processor.

Yet another word processing package from Microsoft. Microsoft Works (isn't that an oxymoron?).