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MacWrite was Apple's word processor for MacOS.

The MacWrite applications may have multiple windows open at once.

Notice that the finder is not visible or accessible when an application is running. Opening an application hides the finder. The idea is that you do one thing (edit a document, or draw a picture) at a time. Also, the reality at the time was an early Macintosh computer could do only so much at once.

The correct way to close a window in MacOS is File-Close.

This is a standard close dialog that appears when you close a window after text has changed.

Even when the last window is closed the application remains open. The reason for this is you may still want to do things with the application at this point.

To exit the application to the finder you must click "File" and then "Quit".

This is MacPaint, Apple's simple graphics program for the Macintosh.  Although you can not access the Finder or run other applications when an application is running, you can run Finder accessories at the same time as an application.

MacOS 7 finally included built-in task switching and the ability for multiple applications to be visible at the same time.

The screen shot above is of MacOS 7 rather than 1.1 and shows MacWrite and MacPaint as well as the Finder running at the same time. The task menu enables you to easily select the application you want to bring to the foreground in the event the window is covered.

Microsoft Windows took a different approach to displaying multiple applications at the same time. In Windows each application has its own menu and title bar.