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Windows 1.01 toys
And now for some more crazy Windows 1.01 tricks. As it turns out there were actually a few applications designed to run under Windows 1 after all! Though these appear to be old redistributable shareware applications and utility programs, and nothing actually useful. Super Fuse can run in full screen without a menu bar kind of like a screen saver, and amazingly all of these apps animate their icons as well.

Here is a download with all of these files for Windows 1.0x (and a few for Windows 2.x) as well as a number of them "converted" to run under newer versions of windows. (787 K)

By the way, it is actually possible to use a PS/2 mouse (or USB mouse in PS/2 emulation) with Windows 1.0x. The trick to do this is as follows:
  • Obtain a copy of MOUSE.DRV from Windows 2.03. (This is the serial and PS/2 driver)
  • Copy this version over the one on the install files for Windows 1.0x. 
  • Install/Re-install Windows 1.0x choosing to use the serial mouse. 
Works great!

Windows 1.01 games
Well, there were actually a couple of games made for Windows 1. I guess never underestimate how crazy some people are.

Windows 1.01 web browser?
Ok... so Windows 1.01 had the Web and Browsers? Ok, not exactly.

Windows 1.01 overlapping windows
This popup calendar is rather interesting as it can float freely over the desktop and is not forced to "tile" like other windows 1.0x applications. This is because this is techinally a "dialog" window rather than a regular application window. The Fish toy can run either as a window or a dialog, and as a dialog can be resized using the sizing icon on the upper right.

At the time, Microsoft intentionally forced application windows to tile, primarily in order to avoid being sued by Apple. (Who managed to force Digital Research's GEM desktop to stop using overlapping file browser windows).

Windows 1.01 resizable windows
Now this one is interesting too. Although also technically "dialog" windows, these editor windows can also be moved, resized, overlapped, and even positioned to exceed the edge of the screen.

Windows 1.01 calculators
A couple of calculator type programs.

Windows 1.01 icon and font editor
A font editor for Zsoft PC Paint fonts, and an icon editor.

Windows 1.01 dialog editor
A Microsoft dialog box editor.

Windows 1.01 tools
And a few other system type things that sorta make Windows 1.01 look cool.

Windows 2.03 Word and Excel
Ok, not much exciting here, but old versions of M$ Word and Excel running under Windows 2.03. Still looking for MultiTool Word.

And a Tetris clone that is an old favorite of mine, Klotz also running under Windows 2.03.