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Location: GUIs > Windows Shells > Magic Cap for Windows

The buttons at the bottom of the screen are:

Desk - returns you to the desk screen at any time.
Stamps - small template of objects you can insert in to documents or rooms.
Commands - a list of currently available actions that you perform.
Tote - a storage location you can use to move objects between rooms.
Tools - a small template of drawing tools and shapes.
Keyboard - an on-screen keyboard that you can use with a mouse or touch device (on a PDA).
Trash - A temporary storage location for objects that you don't want any more.

The above shows some of the available stamps. These are objects that you can place in documents or as items in rooms. This even includes some animated objects, such as a cat that will walk around a room, and a spider that will crawl across the screen!

The Commands button shows various actions, such as printing, that are currently available. The lower part of the dialog shows commands that are specific to the current room or scene.

The "Tote" is a location where you can temporarily store various objects in order to move them between rooms.

To move an item in to the Tote, you drag the object from the room to the Tote button. (Now, if only there were a sword and some gold coins...)

A "Controls" object in the Hallway brings you to the Magic Cap control panel. One interesting option here is a "Construction Mode" that lets you drop more advanced items in the rooms.

Did I say there were no assistants? Well, the Find button from Commands brings up a search dialog with an animated dog. When you try to "find" something, the animated dog just runs around the screen until it hits that object. Not really very useful.

The included applications are fairly plain looking, and are designed to fill a small screen. File actions are listed as a series of buttons along the left of the screen.

Sending messages seems to be the only useful thing this version of Magic Cap can do.

Of course it has a card file.

And a simple notepad application.

And a calendar program. Oh, look. Turkey day is coming up.

I don't think anyone is home.