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This emulator can also run the LisaGuide demo. The LisaGuide can not be run from within the Office System and must be booted from its floppy to run.

And this emulator can boot the LisaTest disk. Although the actual tests apparently do something the emulator doesn't like as it causes the emulator to close after running for a minute or to.

This emulator can also run the Lisa Workshop, the programming tool set used to create Lisa (and later also Macintosh) applications. This is Lisa Workshop version 2.0.

With both the Lisa Workshop and the Lisa Office System installed you can choose which environment you want to enter during startup.

Note that for the two to properly coexist you must be running the same version of the Workshop and Office System so their startup software match.

Workshop menu

This is the Lisa Workshop main menu. As you can see it is mostly text based. It also seems to have the same limitation with the dates.

The Lisa Workshop is a collection of programming languages and utilities. Lisa Basic, Cobol, and Pascal were available for the Lisa Workshop. (Only Lisa Basic was included in the disks I had though). There were also many utilities for Mac development as Apple extensively used the Lisas in the creation of the Macintosh.

Workshop file manager
This is what some of the disk's directory contents look like using the file manager.

Running Lisa Basic. Again it is all text based.

Workshop editor
The Lisa Workshop text editor is, however, a graphical application. Although it looks like an Office System application it is not part of the Lisa Office System. Note that there are no disk or folder icons in the background.

Workshop prefs
And the workshop preferences are also graphical and similar to that of the Office System.

Using the Macworks software, the Lisa can also run Macintosh software.

Macworks system disk
This screen shot shows the Lisa emulator running the Macintosh operating system using Macworks. Supposedly with a little bit of hardware tweaking a real Apple Lisa can run up to MacOS 7.5.5.

This lets the Lisa run the vast amount of software developed for the earlier Macs. Which was a good thing as there was apparently very little software developed to run natively on the Lisa OS.

Does anyone have a complete list of applications developed specifically for the Lisa?

Finally, there is one other operating system known to exist for the Lisa. Microsoft Xenix.

Xenix is a Unix-ish operating system made by Microsoft - yes, Micro$oft - in the early 80s. They later ditched Xenix and it became SCO Unix. The above screen shot is all it does right now. It gets that far and then just sits there. Doing a bit of searching it may be related to some bad code in Xenix making it impossible to read from a Lisa hard drive that runs faster than the Profile.