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Date problem
During startup the Lisa software complained that the clock was not set.

Forget Y2K problems, the Lisa didn't expect to be around after 1995!

Lisa copy restriction
At this point all that has been installed is the startup software (operating system). Each Lisa application has to be copied from its respective disk.

Interestingly copying a file from one disk to another here doesn't work like modern desktops. Dragging and dropping MOVES the files, erasing them from the floppy. Additionally selecting "copy" and then "paste" will not work either. The correct way to copy a file on the Lisa is to select the files, select "Duplicate" from the file menu, and finally drag and drop the "duplicate" icons (that are not actual files yet) to the location you want the files.

And besides that, the application disks are set up so you can use them on only one Apple Lisa. Copying a Lisa Office application to the hard drive causes the floppy disk to become "serialized" the specific Apple Lisa. This emulator provides an option to change the serial number of the emulated Lisa should you need to. Oh yes, copy restriction schemes have been around for quite a long time.

file reconstruction
I'm not positive if this ability is available to just any kind of file, but when copying the spell checker it automatically reconstructed the file which was split across two disks.

emulating hardware brightness
An interesting feature of this emulator, it even implements the ability to control the video display's brightness as a real Lisa would from the preferences.

Office System
And now for a few screen shots of the Lisa Office System 3.1 and its applications in action.

Without the application, the Lisa Office System comes with a calculator and a clock program.

LisaDraw and LisaWrite
This shows LisaDraw, LisaWrite, and its ability to transfer data between applications using the clipboard.

LisaGraph, LisaCalc, and LisaList
This shows LisaGraph, which you can use to put garbage in and get pretty garbage out! Also there is LisaCalc, a spread sheet for doing things with numbers, and LisaList, a simple database program that you can use to keep track of things like your hit lists.

And finally Lisa Project, where you can lay out your plans to take over the world, and Lisa Terminal, which back in the day you could use to connect to your local mainframe or BBS to surf for ASCII pr0n.

Lisa Application Error
Duno it is a problem with the emulator or if I just messed something up, but when trying to edit anything Lisa List reports: "The  LisaList tool is having technical difficulties displaying (your file). Would you like the tool to attempt to redisplay it? Refer to the Lisa Office System manual, Appendix A, Office System Error Messages under Tool Failure".

I guess that is its equivalent of a crash.