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Location: GUIs > Linux / Unix > IRIX Interactive Desktop 6.5

Help viewer

The SGI help viewer is the standard application for viewing IRIX help files and documentation.

The Confidence Tests utility is an interesting program that can not only detect hardware but also perform diagnostics on the hardware. This is possible because IRIX is designed specifically for SGI hardware.


Like many modern GUIs IRIX has a number of accessibility options to aid movement-impared users.  This screen shot shows the Accessibility Settings control panel.

Desktop Env. Setup.Customizations

These screen shots show a number of the desktop customizations available in the IRIX desktop.

The Desktop Environment Setup is somewhat unique for a Unix system in that it gives the user the option to have the same desktop environment across multiple machines on a network or choose to use a new environment for a machine.

These screen shots also show the Background Setting, Color Scheme Browser, Desktop Settings, Window Settings, and System & Desktop Sounds.


These screen shots show the Screen Saver settings, Mouse Settings, Keyboard settings, Default Viewer & Editor Utilities, Default Layout For Icon Views, and Alert Settings.

An interesting thing to notice is the use of "Thumbwheel" widgets in the Desktop Settings, Default Layout for Icon View and in other places.

Graphics settings.Graphics settings
These screen shots show the Graphics Back End Controller that lets the user set the video configuration.

Because SGI workstations are used for high end video processing the Graphics Back End Controller allows more detailed advanced control over video options than typical computer systems.

International settings

The IRIX desktop has built in support for time zones, country currency / date formatting, language settings, and keyboards for other languages. These can be set in the International Control Panel shown here.

File system manager

The File system manager is a graphical utility that mounts and unmounts local and remote file systems.

This screen shot also shows the Process Manager that lists all running tasks on the computer, and the Printer Manager. (Note: the Printer Manager window is supposed to be white, not blue).

Software manager

Lastly, this screen shot shows the Software Manager. This utility is the standard way of adding and removing software packages under IRIX.