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IRIX 6.5
IRIX Interactive Desktop Screen shots.

Thanks to Ian Chapman for these screen shots!

IRIX is a UNIX based OS written by SGI for their workstation computers. SGI workstations are extremely high end graphics processing machines commonly used for 3D animation, visual simulations, and many scientific applications.

IRIX Desktop

This is the default IRIX desktop.

The menu in the upper left is the Toolchest. This menu is normally present on the desktop and provides a list of the applications and utilities that are installed on the system.

The camera and mic icons launch applications used for video and audio capture. Most Silicon Graphics workstations come with a video capture device, generally a camera.

The personal data folder (or "home" folder) for the current user also displays on the desktop. In this case the user is "root".

The dumpster is used to delete files by dragging and dropping their icons to it. This is basically the same as the Windows "Recycle Bin" and the Macintosh "Trash" icon.

CDROM - A starting point for browsing the files on the CD-Rom media. Other attached media drives will also appear on the desktop when connected.

Netscape icon
Minimized applications appear as a square icon on the screen such as this Netscape icon. The application running in the above screen shot (and shown in the other screen shots) is The Gimp, a popular graphics program used to make these screen shots.

IRIX About
This screen shot shows System Manager, the central system configuration utility / control panel. It provides for easy configuration of hardware devices, user accounts, and networking.

Directory Viewer

This screen shot shows a Directory View window which is used for managing files. The pain at the bottom is the Content Viewer pane that can preview different file types. This screen shots shows the Content Viewer previewing a graphic.

In the File View window the roller on the left side of the window is used to change the size of the icons.

big iconmedium iconsmall icon
One of the most unique features about the IRIX desktop is that its icons are vector images instead of bit-mapped images. This means they can scale to any size in real-time without losing any quality.

IRIX Browser

Like many other Unix desktops IRIX has the ability to work with multiple desktops at once. Switching and managing these desktops is accomplished through the Desktop Overview

This screen shots also shows the audio panel and the included SGI branded version of Netscape Navigator.