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Location: GUIs > Linux / Unix > Xerox GlobalView for X

GlobalView for X Draw and Speadsheet
This screen shot shows the drawing program and the spreadsheet.

GlobalView for X example MDI
Not really sure what to do with ViewCards, but it is interesting in that it is a multiple document interface window. Furthermore, the child windows are managed by GlobalView or the application and not by Sun OpenWindows.

GlobalView for X Profile
Although everything else is hidden behind realtivly friendly dialogs and selection buttons, the profile configuration that controls various aspects of the user interface, is just a text file that must be edited manually.

GlobalView for X Using Unix File System
GlobalView for X can connect to the native Unix file system.

Normally files in the workspace are stored in its own system, which is an emulation of the Xerox Star file system.

GlobalView for X Loader
This is the "Loader". Applications, tools, and even fonts must be started kind of like a service.

Oddly I had to manually start the GVX applications before I could use them.

GlobalView for X Networking
GlobalView is capabile of communicating with Xerox "Clearinghouse" servers via the XNS protocol. From within GlobalView it should be possible to browse files and resources on such a server, but I don't have one to try out.

GlobalView for X Logoff
Finally, exiting GlobalView.

To get to the logoff sheet, you have to right-click on the workspace window and select "End Session" from the menu.

Interestingly this is one of the fiew places where it uses an individual popup window. In the Windows version this asks using the message window.

The susppend option is susposed to save the state of the emulated machine to reduce the time of the next startup. However selecting this option displays the error "Not implemented".